Azure Machine Learning (ML) Studio

Azure Machine Learning (ML) Studio is a cloud-based predictive analytics service that makes it possible to quickly create and deploy predictive models as analytics solutions.


In Machine Learning Studio, you can create predictive models by dragging, dropping, and connecting modules. Studio also provides a library of algorithms and samples to get you started. You may create new ML experiment using sample experiments, R and Python packages, standard algorithms (modules), and custom R and Python scripts.

In Cortana Intelligence Gallery, you can try analytics solutions authored by others or contribute your own.

Azure ML is a part of Cortana Intelligence Suite which provides a rich, end-to-end, cloud-based advanced analytics capability.


Featured solutions with Azure ML:

Featured Azure ML services in Microsoft Azure ML Marketplace:

Videos on development of Azure ML solutions by Peter Myers:

Part 1 focuses on what machine learning is followed by an introduction to Azure Machine Learning.

Part 2 – Continuation of Azure Machine Learning followed by a look at the various business scenarios that machine learning is useful for.

Deep-dive reference materials:

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