Azure Document DB

DocumentDB is an automatically-indexed, schema-agnostic JSON database, fully managed by Microsoft Azure.

DocumentDB ensures that 99% of reads are served under 10 milliseconds and 99% of writes are served under 15 milliseconds. It also provides schema flexibility, and the ability to easily scale a database up and down on demand. It does not assume or require any schema for the JSON documents it indexes. By default, it automatically indexes all the documents in the database and does not expect or require any schema or creation of secondary indices.

DocumentDB natively supports JSON documents enabling easy iteration of application schema, and support applications that need key-value, document or tabular data models.

Resource model:

  • Entities addressable by logical URI
  • Partitioned for scale out
  • Replicated for high availability
  • Entities represented as JSON
  • Accounts scale out through addition of capacity units


Interaction model:

  • RESTful interaction over HTTP
  • HTTP and TCP connectivity
  • Standard HTTP verbs and semantics


  • .Net, Node, Python, Java and JavaScript clients
  • SQL for query expression, .Net LINQ
  • JavaScript for server-side app logic

Example of predicate query in DocumentDB:


Additional information:

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