Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a PaaS deployment option of Azure SQL. As with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance is a fully managed service. It provides an instance of SQL Server, but removes much of the overhead of managing a virtual machine.

Characteristics of the SQL Managed Instance deployment option:

  • Use SQL Managed Instance to do lift-and-shift migrations to Azure without having to redesign applications.
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance is ideal for customers interested in instance-scoped features, such as SQL Server Agent, Common language runtime (CLR), Database Mail, Distributed transactions, and Machine Learning Services.
  • SQL Managed Instance uses vCores mode. Define the maximum CPU cores and maximum storage allocated to the managed instance. All databases within the managed instance share the resources allocated to the instance.
  • Most of the features available in SQL Server are available in SQL Managed Instance.

Always-On Availability Groups for Read Scale-out

The Premium and Business Critical tiers for Azure SQL Managed Instance (as well as Azure SQL Database) have an Always On Availability Group feature for disaster recovery and high-availability of the application. There’s a primary read-write replica, and several secondary read-only replicas. The secondary replicas are provisioned with the same compute size as the primary replica. You set the connection string option to decide whether the connection is routed to the write replica or to a read-only replica.

Reference Materials

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