Mission Critical Workloads

mission-critical workload describes a collection of application resources, which must be highly reliable on the platform. The workload must always be available, resilient to failures, and operational.

Pillars of mission-critical architecture:

  1. Reliability
  2. Security
  3. Operational Excellence
  4. Performance Efficiency

Core architecture pattern for mission-critical workloads is provided below.

Certain resources are globally shared by resources deployed within each region.

The Regional stamp resource contains the application and resources that participate in completing business transactions. A stamp typically corresponds to a deployment to an Azure region. 

A system can have resources that are deployed in region but outlive the stamp resources. For example, observability resources that monitor resources at the regional level, including the stamps.

Sample mission-critical baseline architecture with network controls is provided below. See other reference architectures here.

Reference Materials

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