SQL Server

SQL Server is leading DBMS delivering Mission-critical performance, Faster insights on any data, and Platform for hybrid cloud.

Most important components of SQL Server:


SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS)

SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines is a version of SQL Server that runs on an Azure virtual machine (VM). Advantage: no need to manage on-premises machines. Azure VMs come in many sizes and can be run in diverse geographic regions. Each SQL Server VM can be created to meet specific version and operating system requirements, which make them a good option for handling different SQL Server workloads.

Characteristics of the SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines deployment option:

  • Azure can help automate backups and security patches.
  • You are responsible for version update operations for the OS and SQL Server.

Illustration that shows a business scenario for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

PaaS SQL Options

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