Azure Functions

Azure Functions is a serverless compute platform in Microsoft Azure that enables developers to build and deploy event-driven, scalable applications. It offers fine-grained functions, written in various languages, which execute in response to triggers.

With automatic scaling and per-second billing, Azure Functions provides cost-efficient resource allocation.

Integration with Azure services, like Event Grid and Storage, simplifies development.

Durable functions enable stateful workflows, while Application Insights enhances observability.

Azure Functions supports flexible deployment options and leverages Microsoft’s global infrastructure for high availability and fault tolerance. It revolutionizes cloud application development by focusing on code, scalability, and cost efficiency.

See also comparison of Azure Functions with Virtual Machines.

Reference Materials

  1. Igor Izotov: Azure Functions and Event Hubs: Optimising for Throughput
  2. Masayuki Ota: Consideration: Scaling Out Azure Functions With Event Hubs Effectively
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