Oil and Gas Analytics with Power View for SharePoint

Oil and Gas industry requires highest quality of decision-making based on correct and intuitive data. The industry becomes more innovative and requires faster usage of new production methods paying attention to eliminate risks at the same time.

Microsoft Business Intelligence provides tools to analyze historical data in intuitive and interactive way.

In this demo, team of Oil and Gas Company solves business issue through collaboration of following persons:

  1. Chief Executive Officer develops strategy, monitors operating efficiency, and achieves growth of profit and company value.
  2. Business Unit Manager works to ensure business continuity, improve technology, and drive excellence.
  3. HR Executive is responsible for improvement of personnel performance through training and appraisals.

All of them are using the same company portal built on SharePoint portal with a set of pages containing interactive reports (dashboards). These reports based on Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM) and visualized with Power View for SharePoint.












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